Alex Spektor

Alex Spektor

Alex Spektor is a performer/composer/songwriter with more than 30 years of experience in the international music industry.

This is his story...

The Early Years
Alex was born in 1948 in Chisinau, the capital of the Moldavian Republic, one of the 16 Republics of the USSR. After 12 years of high school and 2 years of electrical engineering college, Alex graduated from a Music college with a conductor's degree. Alex is also fluent in five languages.

He also completed a Master of Sports at the School of Greco-Roman Wrestling and was a member of the National Team of the Society of Labor Reserves of Russia in classical wrestling. Alex was the 3-time champion of the Moldavian Republic and a Bronze Medallist USSR Labor Reserve. Alex spent 2 years in the Russian army as a senior sergeant and became a political figure in the Komsomol Youth Organization.

On Becoming a Performer
Alex started out as a professional performer, guitarist, and leader of the band "Three SAN”.

He married and had two sons and immigrated to Israel in early 1978. In Israel, Alex set up a band and began playing shows and weddings. In July 1980, Alex, with his family arrived in Vienna, Austria, where he consolidated his knowledge of acting, film production and television working with producer/director Axel Corti. He was an actor in the television series "Rings Strasse Pale" and "This Beautiful Land" as well as the film "God Does Not Believe In Us Anymore" along side actors Armin Muller-Stahl, Johannes Silberchneider, Barbara Petrisch. When Alex emigrated to Melbourne, Australia, in October 1981, one month later he started working at Philips Service as a technical adviser. After 3 years, he opened his own refrigerator and appliance business and partnered with Ken Bruce with whom he imported refrigerators from Japan. In 1995, he opened a recording company AM Music in collaboration with composer Vitally Baryshnikov organising the vocal band "Fire and Love". In 1996 Alex produced his self titled CD "Destiny”, “Feeling in Jazz" and many more, written in Russian and English.

In 2003, together with his son Mark and producer partner Paul Wiltshire, he founded a new record company In Records and built one of the best recording studios in Melbourne, The Base Studios. In 2009 Alex was duly elected as a Full Writer Member of the Australasian Performing Right Association Limited.

"In Records" released and produced children's CD’s "Peace Baby-1" and "Peace Baby-2", 8 Karaoke CD'S FOR Lenoxx Coand. His music has been used for many television series and documentaries. Alex also produced a number of successful concert performances and stage shows including a charity concert, ‘Beslan - You Are In My Heart’ fundraising for Russian children as well as a musical production based on the released record, "Where is this street where is this house" dedicated to people who died in the Holocaust. The show was staged at the National Theatre in Melbourne and was a great success. In the same year Alex developed a musical song contest "The Best Mix" which later was renamed to "Soundcheck Competition" on the Internet in partnership with Go Connect and Nine MSN. This competition was the first of its kind. In 2005, together with his son Mark, Richard Gray, Roger Velik, Alex founded a film/television production company "In Pictures" that produced a variety of films, TV series, music video clips, including: Documentary film for Foxtel "Fish Out of Water" with Ian Thorpe, "The Play"," The New Edna" - Dame Edna 50 Years on Stage, the TV series – "Telephone"," Anzacs from Russia", "The Song That Make Me Famous", with Mike Brady, "Two Allans" - AlanZavod and Alan Kogosovsky and many other projects.
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